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Upholstery Steam Cleaning For Your Home or Business

Much like our other cleaning processes, we clean upholstery with great attention to detail.

You'll get our signature (10) step upholstery cleaning:

  1. We'll determine the fabric type to ensure that we use compatible cleaning chemicals.

  2. We'll carefully inspect the upholstery and look for tears, rips, or other areas of concern that must be handled with extra care during the cleaning process.

  3. Your upholstery is now vacuumed thoroughly. We remove as much dry soil, pet hair, and dust as possible before we introduce any cleaning chemials.

  4. Once the vacuuming is complete, we'll apply a fabric-compatible cleaning agent to the entire surface of the upholstery.

  5. Using a soft horsehair brush, we gently agitate the cleaner into the fabric. This helps to break up any stubborn soil and allows the cleaner to penetrate deep.

  6. The cleaning agent is allowed to dwell for a few minutes. This important step allows the soil to be softened and broken down by the cleaner, allowing the next step to be as effective as possible.

  7. Steam cleaning. Our specialized upholstery tool is designed to recover up to 96% of the water used! This means extremely fast dry times on most types of upholstery.

  8. We'll conduct one more inspection to check for any areas that need to be re-cleaned or treated with a specialty spot remover.

  9. If you'd like, we'll apply any of the following to your upholstery: fabric protector, anti-microbial treatment, anti-allergen treatment, or deodorizer. The cost for these treatments vary.

  10. Now we'll position all cushions and furniture for optimal drying. We recommend turning on any ceiling fans as well as increasing the temperature inside the house to speed the drying process.

Looking for leather cleaning? We do that too!

We're fully trained and experienced to handle any protected leather cleaning that you need. Please note we do not clean any type of unprotected leather as it's extremely sensitive and prone to damage.

Here's how we clean your protected leather furniture and upholstery:

  1. First, we inspect the leather, searching for cracks, cuts, blemishes and imperfections. Areas in which the coating is weakened or nonexistent are susceptible to damage from the leather cleaning chemical.

  2. Once any and all problem areas have been identified and noted, we vacuum and\or wipe down the leather with a dry terry cloth towel to remove as much surface dirt, dust, and soil as possible before we introduce chemicals.

  3. Next we apply our special leather cleaner and conditioning agent to your leather. We are careful not to allow any chemical into areas which lack protective coating.

  4. Once the chemical has been adequately applied, we use the combination of a tampico brush and a leather buffing mitt to break up any tough soils on the leather.

  5. After the the entire surface has been treated and cleaned, we use a clean terry cloth to lightly buff the finished leather, giving it a smooth, clean look.

  6. Finally, we re-inspect the leather, making sure that every inch looks clean and that any problem areas identified earlier have not been further damaged.

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