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Area Rug Cleaning by the Rug Cleaning Experts!

We can clean most synthetic and natural types of rugs. Instead of taking your rugs to a shop, we steam clean them right there in your home or office for an ultra-fast turnaround time!

General Rug Cleaning Procedure:

  1. We'll determine the rug's fabric type. This is an imperative step because certain cleaning chemicals can harm delicate, natural rugs.

  2. We'll carefully inspect the rug and look for snags, rips, loose threads, and stains which must be taken care of separately from the cleaning process.

  3. The rug is now vacuumed. Certain delicate rugs can't be vacuumed and must only be shaken out to remove pet hair, sand, and general soil.

  4. We'll apply a fiber-safe cleaner to the rug.

  5. Using either our carpet agitator or a soft horsehair brush, we gently agitate the agent into the rug.

  6. After a few minutes of dwell time, the soil has had a chance to soften and release from the fibers.

  7. Steam cleaning using either our quad-jet cleaning wand or our hand tool, depending on the size and backing type of the rug.

  8. We'll inspect the rug once more to make sure it's as clean as possible.

  9. We have a number of post-cleaning applications to choose from. Please be aware that some natural rugs cannot handle certain applications.

  10. In most cases we'll set up the rug for drying. Depending on the size, we'll either roll it up over a heater vent or drape it over a railing or table.

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