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How We'll Remedy Your Pet Stain and Odor Problems!

For pet stains and odors on synthetic, wall to wall carpeting, we have three treatment options:

Minor Stain and Odor Treatment:

We'll use a deodorizing and digesting agent to break down the urine odor molecules. Once the chemical has had a chance to dwell on the affected areas, we'll steam clean it along with the rest of the carpet. For minor pet odor problems which do not affect the carpet pad, this option is highly effective. If a stain still remains on the carpet, we'll apply a special urine stain remover that may take up to eight hours for the stain to completely disappear.

Moderate Stain and Odor Treatment:

For larger pet stains which have made it to the carpet pad, we use our patented Water Claw. This highly effective tool allows us to flush and extract urine and other liquid from the carpet, backing and pad without the need to remove the carpet. Here are the steps involved in the subsurface extraction process:

Pet Stain Removal - Water Claw Subsurface Extractor
  1. Identify ALL affected areas by use of our U.V. light. Once identified, we'll outline the areas with white chalk.

  2. We'll saturate the urine contaminated areas with an oxidizing agent. This advanced chemical works to remove any organic odor and associated staining.

  3. After about 20 minutes of dwell time, we use our Water Claw in conjunction with our truck-mounted extraction system to extract the solution and urine from the carpet and padding.

  4. Once we've extracted as much moisture as possible, it's time for the first flush. We saturate the same area with nothing but hot water, then extract.

  5. We'll flood the area with pure water once more just to ensure that all of the urine and chemical has been removed.

  6. We'll then steam clean the area along with the rest of the carpet in the home.

Severe Stain and Odor Treatment:

*The availability of this process is limited* This treatment level is a complete restoration of the affected area(s). It involves peeling back the carpet, cutting and removing the pad underneath, and treating and sealing the subfloor. Then, once the subfloor is treated and sealed, we insert a new section of padding, and clean and deodorize both sides of the carpet. This is the most intensive and sure-fire way to eliminate urine-related odors. In some extremely severe situations, sections of the subfloor may actually need to be cut out and replaced with new wood. We do not perform this service but can refer you to someone who can perform the work.

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