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Olympia, Lacey and Dupont Area Residents Love Our Intensively Thorough Steam Cleaning Process!

Our (8) step steam cleaning process exceeds the recomendations set forth by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). It's the most in-depth cleaning system in the entire South Sound!

Here's how our (8) step cleaning process brings you cleaner carpet than our competitors:

After providing an estimate by phone or email, we like to make sure our price is accurate before we clean anything. You will always get a written price before we begin. NO SURPRISES.

  1. Pre-Inspection: After doing a walk-through of your entire home to ensure that the price is accurate, we inspect for any areas of concern. We check for rips, tears, potentially difficult stains, pet stains, and other factors that may need special attention.

  2. Vacuuming: We thoroughly vacuum every inch of carpet and/or upholstery that we will be cleaning. We use a Dyson vacuum cleaner equipped with dual HEPA filters which prevent allergens and particulates from being recirculated througout your home. We use the hose attachment to vacuum along baseboards and in tight spaces where dust commonly collects.

  3. Pre-Conditioning: Now we will apply a pre-conditioning agent to your carpet. This pre-treatment is an essential step in the cleaning process as the chemical softens and releases much of the soil in the carpet. We also treat any spots that we think may be difficult to remove, with the appropriate specialty spot remover, at this time.

  4. Agitation: Many cleaners skip this step. Agitating the carpet fibers after they have been pre-conditioned helps caked-on soil to release from the carpet and will allow it to be removed much easier, during the next step. Usually we use our carpet rake to agitate the fibers. However, under severe circumstances, we may pre-scrub the carpet with the restoration brushes attached to our Rotovac Powerwand.

  5. Steam Cleaning: Depending on how dirty your carpet is, we may use one of two tools to clean. Please note that BOTH tools are still connected to our powerful truck-mounted cleaning system which produces up to 250 degree water.

    Our standard cleaning system features a quad-jet stainless steel scrub wand. This tool is great for lightly to heavily soiled carpets.

    We also have a patented, rotary-jet extraction tool called the Rotovac Powerwand, reserved for severely soiled and matted carpet. This revolutionary tool features dual counter-rotating heads, each with three steam jets and three vacuum ports. The multi-directional, high velocity cleaning is great for restoring extremely dirty carpets.

  6. Stubborn Spot Removal: If any spots remain after we steam clean, we treat them with the appropriate chemicals at this time.

  7. Groom & Dry Carpet: After we finish the cleaning process, we rake your carpet to "erase" any lines or patterns that our machines and tools may have left. Not only does raking the carpet create a nice visual effect, but it also helps accelerate the drying process because there are no smashed down fibers.
    Depending on the circumstance, we may place high powered air movers to help the drying process even more.

  8. A) Application of 3M Scotchgard Fabric Protector: Though this is an optional step, we strongly recommend applying fabric protector following carpet, rug, or uphosltery cleaning. Scotchgard is an environmentally safe product which protects your carpet from stains and the wear and tear of everyday traffic. Scotchgard is an inexpensive way to ensure your carpet will last for many years to come.

    B) Application of Microban Anti-Microbial Treatment: This optional step will help ensure that your carpet doesn't become home to dangerous bacteria, viruses, or fungi between professional cleaning services.

    C) Application of Anti-Allergen Treatment: For sufferers of indoor allergies, this service is delightful! Our anti-allergen treatment helps neutralize and render ineffective some of the most common indoor allerens. Dust mites, dust mite droppings, dog hair and dander, cat hair and dander, etc. are all lessened by our anti-allergen treatment.

    D) Application of Deodorizer: Steam cleaning itself does a great job at remediating odors. But for those situations where an odor is still noticeable after cleaning, our deodorizer is highly effective. Unlike enzyme-based products, our deodorizer is alcohol based and is effective on all organic odors including urine, feces, smoke, skunk, and many many more.

    E) Application of Air Freshener: This is a complimentary service provided to anyone who wants a little extra scent left in their home following cleaning. We have a few different fragrances to choose from.

Fast Drying, Green Carpet Cleaning

Though all of our standard cleaning chemicals are environmentally friendly, we do offer a completely different method of cleaning, called encapsulation cleaning. Often called "dry carpet cleaning," this method is great for in between cleans or for situations where extremely fast dry times are needed. Carpets cleaned with this method typically dry within 45 minutes!

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